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It seems that Leszek Lechowicz NI1L of Bridgewater, MA is always smiling. He will smile even more after he finishes the 2m course and earns USA silver and overall bronze medals in M40 category.

Bob Cooley KF6VSE of Pleasanton, CA didn't let the mud slow him down in the 2m start corridor. He is on his way to overall gold in M60 category.

Matthias Kuehlwein DL3SDO of Germany streaks past me as he starts out on two meters.

Shortly after starting, first-timer Marji Garrett walked along Main Loop Road with her map and RDF gear, looking for a trail that might lead to one of the foxes.

Matthew Robbins AA9YH efficiently found all four required transmitters and captured overall gold in M40 category.

I found Barry Fox W1HFN smiling on the 2m course with a little mud already on his trousers.

"I just did a face-plant!" That's what Karla Leach KC7BLA told me as she emerged from the very wet woods onto Main Loop Trail during the 2m hunt. Fortunately she wasn't injured, her equipment wasn't damaged, and she went on to earn a silver medal.

The 2m finish corridor came down Mud Lick Trail, which was an appropriate name on this day after heavy rain.

At the 2m finish line, volunteer Jerry Shipp KB8UBG wrote down the times of all the finishers, just in case there was a problem with the electronic scoring system. (Fortunately, there wasn't.)

Long-time competitor Csaba Tiszttarto sprints along the muddy trail/corridor to the finish line.

Dale Hunt WB6BYU almost overshot the finish control. He's not carrying his two-meter set because he had thrown it to the ground one second earlier. It wasn't out of anger -- he just didn't want it in his way as he decelerated rapidly. Dale captured overall silver in M50 category.

Five more minutes! After finishing the 2m event, Dale Hunt WB6BYU awaited his friendly rival Jay Hennigan WB6RDV and kept track of the time to go until Jay's elapsed time would be greater than his.

Woody Woodbury KC9CGN of Woodburn, IN finishes his first-ever championship 2m course.

Jen Harker W5JEN of Austin, TX approaches the 2m finish control to capture USA gold and overall silver in D35 category.

Paul Gruettner WB9ODQ of Milwaukee, WI screeches to a halt before punching in at the 2m finish. This was his second USA ARDF Championships.

Photos and captions Copyright © 2010 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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