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Bryan Ackerly VK3YNG (center) is the designer and builder of Sniffer4, a special two-meter ARDF receiver that was used by many of the competitors in these championships. It's often called the "blue box." Bryan is also a world-class radio-orienteer.

On Friday evening right after the model event concluded, heavy rains pounded southwestern Ohio, leaving the forest trails quite muddy. This was the two-meter starting corridor as everyone arrived at Hueston Woods on Saturday morning.

April Moell WA6OPS had sunscreen and insect repellant available for everyone going into the forest.

Ardee Fox and Hamlet, USA's official ARDF mascots, presided over the competition days as always.

To provide adequate detail of the terrain, the maps for both competition days were on 11x17 inch paper. Competitors received their maps ten minutes before their scheduled start times and could mount them on map boards if they wished.

Large map boards made from discarded political campaign signs were provided for those who wanted them. This candidate's name is especially appropriate. Harley Leach KI7XF is studying the map just prior to the 2m event.

The German competitors like corkboards like this for holding their maps. Pushpins mark estimated transmitter locations. This map is for one of the training camp sessions.

Competitors started out in groups of up to five at five-minute intervals, just as fox #1 was coming on the air. Each person in a group was in a different age/gender category. Getting ready to start the 2m hunt in this group are Guy Olsen, Matthew Robbins AA9YN, Lori Huberman and Bryan Ackerly VK3YNG.

Heading up the muddy 2m starting corridor are Jens Pichler DH2SP of Germany, a future bronze medalist in M21 category, and George Neal KF6YKN, who will capture overall gold in M50. After the starting tones and before they began running, they registered their exact starting times on their "e-sticks" at the stand with the flag, attended by volunteer Brian Fulmer KC8FJN.

Dick Arnett WB4SUV and Judy Taylor WD8EOP await the starting tones of the two-meter event. Judy is a first-timer from West Virginia. She will earn a gold medal for her run and Dick will get a bronze.

Addison Bosley KJ4VCC is poised and ready to put his "e-stick" in the start control. At age 12, this is his second year of competing in our national championships and he will easily earn two gold medals.

Susanne Walz DG4SFF from Germany is ready to run and capture the gold medal in D35 category.

Jens Pichler KH2SP is another of the Germans who came to the USA for these championships. He will soon earn a bronze medal in M21 category for overall third place.

Harald Dettling DC1GB of Germany studies the two meter course map.

Valeri Georgiev of Montreal, Canada does his warmups before setting out on the 2m course and winning overall bronze in M50 category. He learned ARDF years ago in his native Bulgaria. This was his third championships since his move to North America.

Photos and captions Copyright © 2010 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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