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The bus ride to the 80-meter competition site on Saturday was much shorter than the day before. Daniel Nagy (left) and his father Gyuri HA3PA/KF6YKN are getting off, ready for the hunt at Mounds State Recreation Area on the Brookville Reservoir in Indiana.

There was a wide variety of air-loop and ferrite rod antennas on the RDF sets in the 80-meter impound area.

Paul Bohrer W9DUU of Indianapolis, the oldest competitor, leaves the 80-meter starting line. This course was to be longer than the one the day before.

Leading the pack out in this starting group is Bill Smathers KG6HXX from Santa Barbara. He's already hydrating himself from the water pack on his back.

Matthew Robbins AA9YH of Cincinnati leaves the starting line. He's worried because his receiver had become detuned and he couldn't hear fox #1. But he went on to find all the transmitters and take fourth place in M21.

There go Kuon Hunt KB7WRG of Oregon and Charles Scharlau NZØI of North Carolina.

Most 80m competitors came down this mosquito-infested trail and into the finish corridor. Daniel Nagy is about 200 yards away from winning a gold medal in M19 category.

Bill Farrell KG4WVN of Georgia comes down the home stretch to a 4th place finish in M60.

Don Pitchford W9EBK from Springfield, IL earned IARU Silver and Overall Bronze in M40 category by running like this.

Applause greeted Jerry Boyd WB8WFK of Albuquerque as he crossed the 80m finish line.

April Moell WA6OPS provided first aid to Jay Thompson W6JAY in the red tent after the 80m hunt. Jay had earned an IARU Region 2 gold medal in M19.

These shoes have been on their last foxhunt.

Lots of bearings on this map! The 80-meter ARDF set was used by Kuon Hunt KB7WRG and was built by her OM, Dale WB6BYU.

Above photos Copyright © 2003 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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