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April Moell WA6OPS (left) and Winnie Hennigan KA6OFZ were ready at the finish line each competition day with electrolyte replacement drinks and first aid. April was also keeper of Ardee Fox (at lower left), the official Team USA mascot.

Also on the medical team was Pavel Nelyubin, a cardiac nurse at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. He is setting up the "banana tree" to provide nourishment to returning foxtailers.

The medal hopes of Valeri Georgiev ended early when he sprained his ankle just after finding the first two-meter fox. After his injuries were wrapped, he stayed in the finish area with his daughter.

Bob Frey WA6EZV ran by the shore of Houghton Pond on his way to the finish corridor.

Igor Kekin of Russia doesn't appear winded as he punches in at the finish. Last year at the World Championships in Korea, he won gold in the M50 category. At these championships, he chose to run in the five-fox M21 category and this two-meter run earned him a bronze medal.

Jay Thompson W6JAY was the fastest of the USA competitors in M21 category on two meters.

Ruth Bromer WB4QZG successfully finishes her first national ARDF championships run and earns a gold medal in W50 category.

Jerry Boyd WB8WFK finished second among USA competitors in M50 category.

Greg Burakovskiy finishes his first USA championships event in third place among USA competitors.

Susanne Walz DG4SFF earns a silver medal in W21 category.

Jay Hennigan WB6RDV finished fourth among stateside comptitors in M50 category.

First-timer Ross Smith of the New England Orienteering Club sprints along the 2-meter finish corridor.

Brigitte Roethe ends her silver medal winning run in W35 category.

Ken Harker WM5R looks over the two-meter result slips. Upon finishing, each competitor downloaded his "e-stick" in two places, a printer that produced a slip to put on these strings and the computer that tabulated the final results.

April Moell WA6OPS cleans up scratches on the arm of Herald Dettling DC1GB to prevent infection.

Lori Huberman (left) of New England Orienteering Club cools off after her gold medal winning run on two meters in the W21 category. At right is her mother, Ruth Bromer WB4QZG, who also earned gold in her category.

The traditional "banquet" took place at T.G.I. Friday's near the headquarters hotel on Saturday evening after the two-meter event. It was a great opportunity to get to know fellow participants. It was also unusual in that there were no speeches. Everyone seemed to like it that way.

Photos and captions Copyright © 2009 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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