Radio-Orienteering Events in 2023

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Balboa Park ARDF
Balboa Park ARDF on 5/20/2023
Photos above by Joe Corones N6SZO and Giri Sonty AK2I
Report below by Joe Corones N6SZO

The San Diego T-Hunt Group's annual on-foot hunt was attended by fifteen hams and seven non-hams.  Ten teams were on the course at one time.  One team was composed of three generations:  Tim Marshall AJ6XP, his son Ian and grandson Isaac.  This was the first on-foot hunt for them and also for Giri Sonty AK2I.  Both teams found all five hidden transmitters in the Morley Field area of Balboa Park.

Bill Wright WB6CMD took first place in the single-team category with a time of 43 minutes.  There was a tie for the two person team category with Bill Elkerton, W6ZM and his wife Robin KM6OUL competing with Matt Tucker N6EAJ and Ed.  Both teams came in at one hour and 23 minutes.  All three teams received prizes for their efforts.

In attendance were:

     Joe Corones N6SZO, hunt organizer from San Diego
     Joe Loughlin KE6PHB, hunt organizer from San Diego
     Robert Dexter N9SCD, organizer and hunter from San Diego
     Marvin Johnston KE6HTS, special advisor from Santa Barbara
     Cliff Steagall  N5BXE and Claudia from Chula Vista
     Michael Wheeley K6MRW, Annabella & Juntima, hunters from San Diego
     Matt Tucker N6EAJ & Ed from Escondido
     Bill Elkerton W6ZM and wife Robin KM6OUL from Chula Vista
     Giri Sonty AK2I from San Diego
     Conrad Lara KG6JEI from Oceanside
     Mark Ording K6MHO, son Trevor and wife Vera from Santee
     Tim Marshall AJ6XP, son Ian and grandson Isaac from Santee
     Bill Wright WB6CMD from Winchester
     Tom Sneden K6VCR from El Cajon

It was overcast most of the day, providing the hunters with cool weather for the hunt.  Everyone had a good time, enjoyed the hunt and BBQ.


Hillcrest Park ARDF
Hillcrest Park ARDF on 5/13/2023
Photos above and report below by Joe Moell KØOV

Back in 1998, the editor of CQ Magazine welcomed my idea of sponsoring a national weekend of hidden transmitter hunting, sometimes called foxhunting.  Clubs and groups around the country were encouraged to hold foxhunts, both mobile and on-foot, using rules and procedures of their own choosing.  In Orange County, the Fullerton Radio Club and a couple of other clubs banded together for the first Antennas-In-The-Park (AITP) event on that first Foxhunting Weekend.  There was a barbecue lunch and a special cake for the occasion.

It's been an annual event ever since.  The first AITP was at Tri-City Park in Placentia.  It continued there until OC Parks took over administration of Tri-City and began imposing fees and other restrictions that made it much more difficult to hold AITP.  So in 2015, FRC moved the event to Hillcrest Park in Fullerton.  For foxhunting, it's a much more interesting venue.  It's only 40 acres, but the steep hills and dense vegetation add physical difficulty and make it easy to conceal transmitters so that hunters don't see others finding them.  Often, hams travel from the Bay Area and elsewhere to try the new direction-finding courses.

One problem with Hillcrest Park has been the condition and scarcity of restrooms.  Beginning in 2017, we have been fortunate to gather at the Izaac Walton cabin, which has made pop-up shelters and lengthy restroom treks unnecessary.

The AITP foxhunt on May 13, 2023 was one of the best.  Marvin Johnston KE6HTS arrived from Santa Barbara with a box full of antenna/attenuator kits and all were soon built by enthusiastic newcomers.  Then they tried them out with their handi-talkies on the two nearby practice transmitters to gain proficiency.  After that, they were ready for the advanced course with five transmitters, some in the far reaches of the park.  Going straight to the advanced course were Michael Hart KC6MEH and Scott Moore KF6IKO, who had recently returned from competing in the 2023 USA Radio-Orienteering Championships in Texas.

As in formal competitions, hunters were sent out on the advanced course individually, as transmitter #1 came on the air.  Unfortunately, not everyone checked in promptly to stop the clock when finished, so these results include some approximations:

      Name and call            Time H:MM    Foxes

     Michael Hart KC6MEH          1:00        5

     Scott Moore KF6IKO           1:00        5

     Scot Barth KA6UDZ            1:06        5

     Samuel Haneji KN6EYN         1:25        5
        with Liam Van Citters KN6QXK

     Jenna Canillas WWØMAN        1:29        5
        with Erick Gordillo KK6CKK

     Aaron Lin KN6ZTV             1:27        4
        and family

     Malachi Clark KN6SUZ         0:31        2

There was also an 80-meter transmitter that was not far away.

Thanks to all who made a successful AITP possible, especially Gene and Cheryl Thorpe, KB6CMO and KE6TZU, who arranged for access to the cabin.  Albert Solomon AG6OF cooked up a great lunch with vittles brought by Bob Houghton AD6QF and Larry McDavid W6FUB.  April Moell WA6OPS brought the traditional Foxhunting Weekend cake.  Dick Palmer WB6JDH set up a HF ham station and got some attendees on the air.  And everyone in attendance contributed to the enjoyment of the day.

Joe Moell KØOV

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