Team USA at the 2018 World ARDF Championships

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Photos by Vadim Afonkin KB1RLI, Ken Harker WM5R, Joseph Burkhead, Lee Nam Kyu HL1DK and Kurt Smet ON4CHE

About three hundred competitors from 29 countries slept and ate at the Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano in Sokcho City, Gangwon Province, Korea during the 2018 ARDF World Championships.

Rain wasn't a problem during the competitions.  It only dampened the start of the opening ceremonies.  This is Eduard Nasybulin in front.  Behind him in the red poncho is Bob Cooley KF6VSE.

It's a tradition for the opening ceremonies to include local entertainment.

The World Championships are an opportunity to get together with long-time ARDF friends and to make new ones.  Alla Mezheveya (right) is with Yoshiko Yamagami JQ1LCW, who has made several visits to ARDF events in the USA, beginning in 1991.

There was a variety of terrain and scenery in the four competitive courses.  Some of the terrain was nearly impassible.

Members of the international jury monitor the competitors on the courses to prevent any collusion.  They like to conceal themselves near the fox transmitters.

Several competitors are started at the beginning of each transmission cycle.  They are in different age/gender categories, so they won't be looking for the same fox transmitters.  Two Team USA competitors are in this start group:  Eduard Nasybulin (#367) and Lori Huberman (#375).

Vadim Afonkin KB1RLI garnered three medals at these championships, including a gold medal for individual first place on 80 meters in M50 category.

Joseph Huberman K5JGH in the finish corridor.

Ruth Bromer WB4QZG nears the finish.  She is the wife of Joseph Huberman K5JGH.

Lori Huberman, daughter of Joseph and Ruth, is a life-long orienteer, which helped her achieve seventh place in the W21 80-meter classic competition.

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