Team USA at the 2016 World ARDF Championships

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Photos by Vadim Afonkin KB1RLI, Ken Harker WM5R, Hiroshi Izuta JF1RPZ/NE6Z, Lee Namkyu HL1DK and Kurt Smet (Belgium)

Albena is a resort area built for the well-to-do of the Soviet era, with numerous hotels close to the shore.  Championships participants were mixed in with the other resort guests in the hotels.  (WM5R)

This is the pool area at the Hotel Orhideya.  (WM5R)

Ruth Bromer WB4QZG was Captain of ARDF Team USA 2016.  Siven Active Sport (now named Bryzos) made personalized orienteering tops for all participants who wanted them.  (WM5R)

Vadim Afonkin KB1RLI had amazing speed through the forest.  It earned him a gold and a bronze medal in the World Cup and a bronze medal in the World Championships.  (Smet)

Vadim Afonkin KB1RLI accepts a gold medal for his first place performance in the World Cup sprint event.  (KB1RLI)

World Cup sprint first place Vadim Afonkin KB1RLI on the medal stand with second place Maksym Redka of Ukraine at left and third place Kostiantyn Zolochevskyi of Ukraine at right.  (KB1RLI)

Ruth Bromer WB4QZG (at right) received World Cup bronze medals for foxoring and the sprint.  (KB1RLI)

After the World Cup, more competitors arrived for the World Championships.  Mariana Marynchenko of Ukraine (left) and Lori Huberman of USA met at the model event for equipment testing on arrival day. Mariana has been a visiting competitor at USA's national championships.  (WM5R)

This was the finish corridor of the sprint event on the second competition day of the World Championships.  It was very difficult for competitors to climb in the loose sand.  (WM5R)

With its giant arch, the finish line was hard to miss.  Here comes Alexandra Bondarenco of Philadelphia, PA.  (WM5R)

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