Team USA Goes to the
2002 ARDF World Championships

Team USA 2002

ARDF Team USA shows the flag at the WC opening ceremonies. In the front row, left to right: Dave D'Epagnier KØQE, Csaba Tiszttarto, Larry Noble NØNDM, and Marvin Johnston KE6HTS. Back row: Dick Arnett WB4SUV, Bob Frey WA6EZV, Karla Leach KC7BLA, Charles Scharlau NZØI, Nadia Mayeva, Bob Cooley KF6VSE, and Harley Leach KI7XF. Gyuri Nagy KF6YKN wasn't available for this photo, but he's pictured after the results on this page. (Photos of team and Nadia by Marvin Johnston KE6HTS)

ARDF Team USA Finds Success in Slovakia

2002 WC mascotNadia MayevaMembers of the USA's Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) team are home from the High Tatras of Slovakia, where they competed in the Eleventh World ARDF Championships during the first week of September.

Going up against more than 300 competitors from 28 other nations, Team USA came within two minutes of bringing home its first medal. Nadia Mayeva from North Carolina (at right) took fourth place in D35 category (women ages 35 through 50) by finding all her required transmitters in 1:49:02. She was edged out by Han Chunrong of China, who won the category bronze medal in 1:47:20.

Gyuri Nagy KF6YKN of New York placed fifth out of 50 in the hotly-contested M40 (males ages 40 through 49) category. Gyuri and his family had organized a one-week training camp for members of Team USA near Gyuri's native hometown in Hungary during the week before the championships.

Here is the ARDF Team USA 2002 roster (in alphabetical order):

  Name/Call             Category  Hometown
  ---------             --------  --------
  Dick Arnett WB4SUV       M50   Erlanger, KY
  Bob Cooley KF6VSE        M60   Pleasanton, CA
  Dave D'Epagnier KØQE     M40   Longmont, CO
  Bob Frey WA6EZV          M50   Cincinnati, OH
  Marvin Johnston KE6HTS   M50   Santa Barbara, CA
  Harley Leach KI7XF       M60   Bozeman, MT
  Nadia Mayeva             D35   Mooresville, NC
  Gyuri Nagy KF6YKN        M40   Maspeth, NY
  Larry Noble NØNDM        M40   Aurora, CO
  Charles Scharlau NZØI    M21   Chapel Hill, NC
  Csaba Tiszttarto         M21   New York, NY
In addition, Karla Leach KC7BLA represented USA and IARU Region 2 on the International Jury overseeing the competitions. Her assignment was Course Marshal at one of the foxes. Team USA co-captains were WB4SUV and WA6EZV.

The World Championships of ARDF take place in even-numbered years. The 2002 site was Tatranske Matliare in the High Tatras of the Slovak Republic, at about 900 meters elevation. Two Slovak hotels were taken over for the exclusive use of competitors. This was USA's third trip to the World Championships.

High Tatras

The schedule of events was as follows:

  September 2 - Monday - Arrival of the Participants
  September 3 - Tuesday - Training on Both Bands, Opening Ceremony
  September 4 - Wednesday - 2 Meter Race
  September 5 - Thursday - Free Day with Cultural Program
  September 6 - Friday - 80 Meter Race, Awarding Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Hamfest
  September 7 - Saturday - Departure of the Participants

The 323 competitors were divided into five categories for males and four categories for females, in accordance with newly-approved ARDF rules of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). Each country was permitted to have up to three persons per category on its team.

Here are the medal winners and Team USA performances in all age/gender categories in which USA competed.

SARA logoTwo-meters (150 minute time limit)

  D35 (Females ages 35 and older, 18 in category)

  Gold    Oksana Shutkovskaia        Russia      93:43  4 Foxes
  Silver  Dagmar Skrivanova          Czech       94:46  4 Foxes
  Bronze  Larissa Savinykh           Russia      97:36  4 Foxes

  Nadia Mayeva     (13th)            USA        147:38  4 Foxes

  -  -  -  -  -

  M21 (Males of any age, 61 in category)

  Gold    Sergyj Shtanko             Ukraine     61:58  5 Foxes
  Silver  Peter Viskup               Slovakia    65:04  5 Foxes
  Bronze  Jakub Oma                  Czech       65:49  5 Foxes

  Csaba Tiszttarto (35th)            USA        132:06  3 Foxes
  Charles Scharlau (Overtime)        USA        156:25  4 Foxes

  -  -  -  -  -  

  M40 (Males ages 40 and older, 50 in category)

  Gold    Andres Talver              Estonia     59:30  4 Foxes
  Silver  Kinstantin Zelensky        Russia      66:12  4 Foxes
  Bronze  Milan Mittelman            Slovakia    67:35  4 Foxes

  Gyuri Nagy       ( 5th)            USA         73:22  4 Foxes 
  Dave D'Epagnier  (28th)            USA        121:02  4 Foxes
  Larry Noble      (Overtime)        USA        166:47  2 Foxes

  Team USA 8th of 13 national teams

  -  -  -  -  -

  M50 (Males ages 50 and older, 37 in category)

  Gold    Mykola Velikanov           Ukraine     62:05  4 Foxes
  Silver  Tchermen Gouliev           Russia      74:58  4 Foxes
  Bronze  Oleg Fursa                 Ukraine     75:21  4 Foxes

  Bob Frey         (30th)            USA        104:01  2 Foxes
  Marvin Johnson   (Overtime)        USA        165:13  2 Foxes
  Dick Arnett      (Overtime)        USA        175:46  4 Foxes

  -  -  -  -  -

  M60 (Males ages 60 and older, 33 in category)

  Gold    Nikolai Semenov            Russia      85:28  3 Foxes
  Silver  Eduard Kuvaldin            Russia      88:33  3 foxes
  Bronze  Karel Koudelka             Czech       91:30  3 foxes

  Harley Leach     (17th)            USA        133:32  3 Foxes
  Bob Cooley       (Overtime)        USA        153:59  3 Foxes

Eighty-meters (150 minute time limit)

  D35 (Females ages 35 and older, 18 in category)

  Gold    Ljubow Prowatorowa         Russia     103:51  4 Foxes
  Silver  Oksana Shutkovskaia        Russia     104:54  4 Foxes
  Bronze  Han Chunrong               China      107:20  4 Foxes

  Nadia Mayeva     ( 4th)            USA        109:42  4 Foxes

  -  -  -  -  -

  M21 (Males of any age, 60 in category)

  Gold    Martin Baier               Czech       78:26  5 Foxes
  Silver  Jakub Oma                  Czech       85:29  5 Foxes
  Bronze  Karel Fucik                Czech       85:46  5 Foxes

  Csaba Tiszttarto (39th)            USA        149:06  5 Foxes
  Charles Scharlau (51st)            USA        135:16  3 Foxes

  Team USA 14th of 20 national teams

  -  -  -  -  -

  M40 (Males ages 40 and older, 50 in category)

  Gold    Victor Romanov             Russia      77:50  4 Foxes
  Silver  Alexander Kulikov          Russia      81:15  4 Foxes
  Bronze  Jozef Simecek              Slovakia    82:33  4 Foxes

  Gyuri Nagy       (19th)            USA        127:15  4 Foxes
  Dave D'Epagnier  (25th)            USA        138:45  4 Foxes
  Larry Noble      (Overtime)        USA        (Not provided)

  Team USA 8th of 14 national teams

  -  -  -  -  -

  M50 (Males ages 50 and older, 39 in category)

  Gold    Oleg Fursa                 Ukraine     88:14  4 foxes
  Silver  Tchermen Gouliev           Russia      89:41  4 foxes
  Bronze  Viktor Korshunov           Ukraine     92:15  4 foxes

  Dick Arnett      (22nd)            USA        113:54  3 Foxes
  Bob Frey         (34th)            USA        127:53  2 Foxes
  Marvin Johnson   (36th)            USA        139:31  2 Foxes

  Team USA 11th of 14 national teams

  -  -  -  -  -

  M60 (Males ages 60 and older, 31 in category)

  Gold    Nikolai Semenov            Russia      67:47  3 Foxes
  Silver  Josef Tuttmann             Holland     74:12  3 foxes
  Bronze  Vladimir Kirgetov          Russia      80:51  3 foxes

  Harley Leach     (18th)            USA        131:45  3 Foxes
  Bob Cooley       (19th)            USA        134:02  3 Foxes

  Team USA 7th of 10 national teams

Gyuri Nagy KF6YKNMany thanks to the ARRL Foundation and the Colvin Award Fund for providing the entry fees and in-country food/lodging/transportation expenses of the USA team. Training expenses and domestic/international airfares were paid by the individual team members.

Click here for first-person accounts of the Championships and the training camp, written by Bob Frey WA6EZV and Karla Leach KC7BLA. Also, a detailed narrative and photos of Team Australia's journey has been posted by Bruce Paterson VK3TJN.

Many thanks to the stateside supporters who organized practice sessions for Team USA members. If you would like to help train our team for future events, contact the undersigned.

Joe Moell KØOV
USA ARDF Coordinator


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