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Havighurst Hall on the campus of Miami of Ohio University was headquarters for the Championships. Many of the competitors stayed in dorm rooms of this building. Note the signs for corporate sponsors Icom and Re/Max Realty. Shortly after this photo was taken, a bucket truck showed up to move the banners to the top of the pillars.

Special Events Amateur Radio station K8EH was in the basement of Havighurst Hall, available for any competitor to use This was one of the antennas out on the lawn.

Winnie Hennigan KA6OFZ of Goleta, CA sets out on the Thursday morning two-meter practice course on the Miami U campus.

Terry Hudson KT9V of Indiana and Valerie Meyer W8VAL of Virginia get their gear in order.

KT9V uses this map board mounted to his steel-tape yagi, with a timer to help him keep track of the five cycling transmitters.

Check this unique rod/sense RDF setup for 80 meters by Michael Cegelski K8EHP, designed to be used with a wide-range multi-mode hand-held receiver/scanner.

This free-standing 80-meter transmitting antenna is much easier to deploy than a wire thrown into a tree.

Dale Hunt WB6BYU (left) shows Vernon Hammersley WA9FFZ how to use a Russian Altai-80 RDF set. The cord and plug dangling from Dale's right sleeve is for his own earphone, which is sown into his sweatband.

Some of the 80-meter sets and circuit boards brought by WB6BYU for loan or show-and-tell. All were built from scratch except for the kit-version Ron Graham RX-4 on top of the map. The units on each end were used by hunters who won medals.

Valerie Meyer W8VAL tries a compact 80-meter RDF set from Ron Graham of Australia.

Scott Stevenson KC5VVB of New Mexico tests a FoxFinder-80 RDF set designed by WB8WFK of Albuquerque.

At the opening ceremonies, everyone was updated on the rules. Then it was time for a drawing to determine the order in which the competitors would start. Emil Mayeva (at right) has just drawn his number from the hat held by Event Co-Chair Dick Arnett WB4SUV. Competitors started in numerical ascending order of the draw on 2 meters, then descending order on 80 meters.

Mike Minium of Orienteering Cincinnati didn't have to go far to find some poison ivy to show the competitors at the opening meeting. Avoid this stuff!

Above photos Copyright © 2003 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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