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Friday evening, there was an all-hands meeting for review of the rules and procedures by Marvin, as well as a safety and health briefing by April.

Paying close attention were Grant and Stevie Van Skiver, VE7GVS and VE7SMX of New Westminster, British Columbia.  The safety briefing proved to be very important for Grant when he encountered a mountain lion on the course on Saturday.

The transmitter setters worked very hard through the week and weekend.  Three of the fox setters were (left to right) Bruce Corning of LAOC, Joe Corones N6SZO and Joe Loughlin KE6PHB.

Transmitter setters had to get up very early each day.  Tom Gaccione WB2LRH is ready to hike into the field to set out a radio fox.

On Saturday morning, the competitors were taken from the lodge by van about four miles to this trailhead along Sunrise Highway.

Sunscreen and bug repellent were always available at the starting table.  At the start and finish there was plenty of water and Gatorade.  Official mascot Ardee Fox kept watch over the supplies, his neck straining with all of his medals.

During the delay while one of the two-meter transmitters was being restarted, many of the competitors waited at the map table near the start.  Here are Joseph Huberman K5JGH, Les Benson W6CGE and Ian Smith.  Les was a volunteer who spent the entire week helping Marvin with many tasks.

Because one two-meter fox transmitter failed and some competitors had RDF equipment problems, the most foxes found by anyone on Saturday was three.  Of those 3-transmitter finders, the best time was posted by Nicolai Mejevoi, a former ARDF champion for the USSR and Moldava who now lives in Illinois.  He's almost to the finish line.

Nearing the two-meter finish line and a silver medal in F21 category is Stevie Van Skiver VE7SMX.

Alla Mezhevaya, another Russian-trained champion, won the gold in F35 category.

Karla Leach KC7BLA was gold medal winner in F60 category.

Ruth Bromer WB4QZG captured silver in F60 category.

Even with equipment problems, Ian Smith of the Cambridge Sports Union captured gold in M21 category.

After the two-meter event, it was time to shower and change clothes for the banquet at the Pine House Restaurant and Tavern.

Nica Knite, owner of the Pine House, got rave reviews for the food.

ARRL San Diego Section Manager Steve Early AD6VI (at left) came to the banquet.

Also at the banquet was ARRL Southwestern Division Director Dick Norton N6AA, who discussed ARDF with Karla Leach KC7BLA.

Photos and captions Copyright © 2012 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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