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Equipment checkout day was Thursday at Hungry Valley State Recreation Area. Ranger Tom Tanner was curious what this group of mostly older adults was doing in his off-road-vehicle playground. When we explained ARDF and told him how environmentally-friendly it is, he gave us a big welcome. That's Event Chair Marvin Johnston KE6HTS shaking hands with him.

You don't have to dig in the dirt for ARDF transmitters. The flag can usually be spotted from 50 feet away in a clear area. This was one of the test foxes, about a kilometer from the gathering area.

Harley Leach KI7XF made some on-the-spot improvements to one of the east European 80-meter ARDF sets. He brought a big battery and inverter to power his soldering iron.

Mary Cegelski KC8YLC prepares to set out on her 80m equipment checkout.

With no map, Mary got a little lost in the boonies while testing her 80m set. Some friendly dune buggy fans got her back in time for the barbecue.

It wouldn't be a Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club event without a trip-tip beef barbecue. Marvin is the Master of Marinade and old-timers agreed that this tri-tip lunch was the best in a long time.

Dave D'Epagnier KØQE entertained at the Opening Ceremonies on Thursday event with his slide show of the last ARDF World Championships.

Scott Moore KF6IKO draws his starting order number from KI7XF's hat at the Opening Ceremonies. "If your slip says 6-3/4, then you drew the hat size tag," Harley said.

Now it's Friday morning and competitors have arrived by bus at Vasquez Rocks for the 2m competition. First, they deposit all their equipment in the impound area, to be picked up again ten minutes before their start time. They cannot turn it on until they leave the start.

April Moell WA6OPS offered electrolyte tablets, sting relief packets and antiseptic swabs at the 2m start. Note the e-stick on the finger of Danny White W6DDW.

Above photos Copyright © 2004 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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