Reporting Your CQ WW FW Transmitter Hunts

Since the majority of CQ WW FW reports come in by e-mail, a form is not printed in the magazine, just a list of important information that should be included in your report. You can print this page and mail it in, or download it to your word processor and insert the information if that's more convenient. If the report that is printed in your club's newsletter includes all the information, just mail me a copy. (You will have a big write-up in the newsletter, won't you?)

We want your photos, too! E-mail your JPGs (at least 1280x960, but bigger is better -- no cellphone photos please) or snail-mail your sharp 5X7 prints. Your pictures might be featured in the CQ WW FW results article in CQ Magazine. Please do not overlay any text on the photos, but do tell me all about the photos when you e-mail, including names/calls of the subjects and name/call of the photographer.

CQ WW FW Activity Report Form

1.  Name of club, if any ______________________________________________________________

2.  Date of hunt ______________________________________________________________________

3.  Starting city and state or province _______________________________________________

4.  Number of hidden transmitters ______________

5.  Frequency(ies) of transmitter(s) __________________________________________________

6.  Type of hunt (e.g. mobile, mobile/sniff, IARU) ____________________________________

7.  Scoring method (time, mileage, combination, other) ________________________________

8.  Full name(s) and callsign(s) of hider(s) __________________________________________

9.  Full name(s) and callsign(s) of winner(s) _________________________________________

10.  Comments, quotes, etc ____________________________________________________________

11.  Your full name and callsign ______________________________________________________

12.  Your contact information (e-mail or postal address) ______________________________

If you mention a participant by name, please provide the complete first and last name, plus callsign. Correct spelling is important.

If your group has more than one CQ WW FW event, please send a separate report for each one. Include other facts that may be important, such as the distance of each fox from the start, whether the transmitters were continuous or intermittent, attended or unattended, and other interesting technical features. By local standards, was the anticipated skill level basic, intermediate, or advanced?

What types of RDF equipment do local hunters prefer? What important lessons were learned? What is your group doing that's new and different? Are you having regular foxhunts now? What are you doing that encourages newcomers to try foxhunting?

If your club has regular foxhunts, who deserves an award for Most Innovative RDF Setup? Sneakiest Hiding Spot? Best Camouflage of a Fox Transmitter? Have you tried T-hunting on other bands besides two meters? What about 440 MHz (Love those reflections!) or six meters (where a simple loop can win the hunt)? 80 meter hunts are included in ARDF championships worldwide.

Send forms (one form per hunt) and inquiries by e-mail or postal mail to:

   Joe Moell KØOV
   CQ WW FW Coordinator
   PO Box 2508
   Fullerton, CA 92837

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

73 de Joe Moell KØOV

Labeling your photos may seem like a good idea, but the CQ Magazine editors don't like that because it makes them very difficult to crop and resize for layout. That's why the nice pictures below couldn't be used in a Foxhunt Weekend report. Please don't send labeled photos, or if you do, please include an unmarked version, too.

Photos from the 2007 Foxhunting Weekend event in Surrey, British Columbia. (Courtesy Fred Orsetti VE7IO)

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