Results of "Antennas In The Park" 1999 Foxhunt

Placentia, California -- May 8, 1999

Now a tradition in Orange County, California, "Antennas In The Park" (AITP) welcomes spring with a mini-Field Day, barbecue and potluck, sponsored by several radio clubs. For the second year in a row, AITP included an introductory session in international-style foxhunting (also called radio-orienteering and ARDF). It was open to everyone who wanted to try the sport, experienced or not. Several radio direction finding (RDF) sets, both self-contained receiver-antenna units and add-ons for ordinary handi-talkies, were available for loan.

The weather was cooperative and everyone had a great time. Twenty-five persons took to the course, attempting to find six transmitters (called foxes or T's) on 146.565 MHz, using RDF and orienteering skills. Each fox came on the air for 15 seconds at a time, one after another in numbered order. The six-fox cycle continued all afternoon.

Most foxhunters went out alone, but there were two groups who pooled their efforts and came in within seconds of each other. Also a couple of individuals took family members along on the course with them. Such teaming is not permitted in formal ARDF events, but was allowed here because it is an excellent way to teach the sport.

Individual winner was Rick Barrett KE6DKF of Newbury Park, who found all six foxes and returned less than 49 minutes. Rick has participated in on-foot foxhunts at ARRL conventions and the West Coast VHF/UHF Conference.

Here are all the results:

  Name           Callsign  Foxes  Time
  Rick Barrett     KE6DKF    6   0:48:44
  John Oppen       KJ6HZ     6   0:55:35
  Rick Snyder      KF6QWD    6   0:55:38
  Bonnie Crystal*  KQ6XA     6   1:01:29
  Bob Parker       KF6RNL    6   1:04:20
  Vadym Kapinus    CalTech   6   1:05:03
  Ken Chafin       KF6MFV    6   1:06:29
  Jay Thompson     W6JAY     6   1:15:28
  Robert Rossi     CalTech   6   1:18:02
  Gary Holoubek    WB6GCT    6   1:25:13
  Marvin Johnston  KE6HTS    6   1:27:46
  Leo Eisner       CalTech   6   1:35:02
  John Davis       WB6ASH    4   1:55:30
  William Newman   N6USF     2   0:47:59
  N6UZS/KE6ANU/KF6NIV/KF6JVC  6  0:36:15
  WA6TWF/N6OT/KQ6YY/KF6OPH    6  0:36:39
  *Bonnie, who flew in from the Bay Area for this
   event, won the morning 440 MHz hunt.

Unlike last year's AITP foxhunt, almost everyone was able to find all six foxboxes this time. I think that the shorter transmissions (resulting in a shorter time for the full six-fox cycle) made it an easier hunt, especially for newcomers.

Many people and organizations helped me to make this event a success. The Fullerton Radio Club and several other clubs arranged for the venue and put on a great barbecue. April Moell WA6OPS did a lot of "behind the scenes" work and brought the unique National Foxhunting Weekend cake. Gordon West WB6NOA provided upgrade study materials for prizes. The SuperSystem (UHF repeater group) folks put on a great morning "warm-up" hunt on the 440 MHz band. And many of the foxhunt participants willingly volunteered their equipment and advice to help newcomers get started. Thank you all.

It was good to see members of the Los Angeles Orienteering Club and CalTech Orienteering Club in attendance. The CalTech folks held a similar radio-orienteering event on Sunday, July 25, 1999 on the CalTech campus.

Joe Moell KØOV
USA ARDF Coordinator

Joe Moell

Joe Moell KØOV passes out some ARDF equipment.


April Moell

April Moell WA6OPS prepares to cut into the National Foxhunting Weekend cake.


NFW cake


(Photos courtesy of Jack Ochoa KD6YPO.)

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