Team USA Goes to the
2000 ARDF World Championships

Jiangsu New Century HotelThe International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) holds World ARDF Championships in even-numbered years. The Chinese Radiosports Association hosted the Year 2000 event from October 13 through 18 in Nanjing City. Entrants competed for individual and team medals in separate events on 80 meters and two meters. They were divided into five age/gender categories in accordance with rules of the International Amateur Radio Union that were in force at the time.

This was the second time that the USA has participated in the ARDF World Championships. Twenty-five other countries competed.

Team USA 2000 included two Veterans (men ages 55 and up), three Old Timers (men ages 40 through 54), three Seniors (men ages 19 through 39), one Junior (boys 18 and under), one Woman and a Team Trainer. Team Captain for the trip was Dale Hunt WB6BYU, who also served as IARU Region 2 representative on the International Jury.

Members of ARDF Team USA 2000 came from these states:

    California     4
    Oregon         2
    Montana        2
    Kentucky       1
    Massachusetts  1
    New York       1
    Ohio           1

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) paid the entry fees and in-country food/lodging/transportation expenses of the team. Training expenses and domestic/international airfares were paid by the individual team members.

The schedule of events was as follows:

  Friday, Oct 13     Arrival and registration
  Saturday, Oct 14   Practice event, Team Leaders meeting, opening ceremony
  Sunday, Oct 15     VHF (two meter) competition
  Monday, Oct 16     Local tour
  Tuesday, Oct 17    HF (80 meter) competition
  Wednesday, Oct 18  Departure or start of optional tours

(Hotel banner photo above by Dick Arnett WB4SUV)

First China photo

On-site Team USA photo, taken Saturday, October 14 in Nanjing. Left to right in back row: Jack Loflin KC7CGK, Gyuri Nagy KF6YKN, Jay Thompson W6JAY, Richard Thompson WA6NOL, Csaba Tiszttarto, Bob Cooley KF6VSE. Front row: Karla Leach KC7BLA, Harley Leach KI7XF, Marvin Johnston KE6HTS, Bob Frey WA6EZV, Dick Arnett WB4SUV. Dale Hunt WB6BYU (IARU Region 2 Jury Representative) had not arrived. He is in the photo below, standing among the jurors at the opening ceremony. Thanks to Bob Frey WA6EZV for photos.


Here are some quotes from participants, received by e-mail during the event.

"Most everyone took our photo at the opening ceremoney HI HI. Pics with the American team were a popular item, especially with parents and their children."

"Practice sessions went well with everyone checking and de-bugging their equipment. Accommodations are outstanding, hospitality also. Food: too much, Chinese of course."

"Had a pile-up on 15 meters to JA-land and Asia the other morning, The guest station (BT4ARDF) is very popular. Keep trying for propagation to the USA but so far no luck. Using a FT1000DM and a R7000 vertical on top of the 30th (top) floor."

(Before 2m event) "Its 4:45AM. Breakfast at 5:30, off to the start area at 6:30. Competition starts at 8:30. Everything appears to be under control. Except our nerves, HI HI."

(After 2m event) "The trip to the starting area at 6:30 began with a procession of some 25 mini buses and a police escort that enabled us to cruise through all the red lights and make U-turns on expressways to get to where we wanted to go."

"After placing a towel on the ground and while I was getting ready to put on gaiters, a Chinese local grabbed a rock and smashed the head of a small snake that was less that two feet from me. Great way to get the adrenaline going in a hurry."

"Whoever said that there would only be 50 meters of climb only missed it by 150 meters per transmitter. Took almost ten minutes to make the top and get a set of bearings."

"Hit an area that on the map appeared to be some 500 to 600 meters from the finish. Going to be close. Suddenly the trail stops. No sign of anything to follow. Take a bearing and head into the woods. Big mistake. Entering a jungle so thick I can hardly maneuver. Slip, loose my map board, Recollect myself and realize my glasses are gone too."

(After 80m event) "Well let's just call this one 'Team USA rebounds.' Unlike the two meter event, NO ONE ran over today. To say the least, we learned fast. USA will at least post a team score for 80 meters. Much better run in the rain all day."

In the results below, the gold/silver/bronze winners are listed for each individual/team category, followed by Team USA member placings. In the Old Timer division (males ages 19 through 39), competitors must find all five foxes. In other divisions, competitors must find four. The required four are different for each division.

Final Two-meter Results (130 minute time limit)

Seniors (55 in category)

Gold    Wu Yongsheng               China       56:49  5 Foxes
Silver  Tarassov Nikolay           Kazakhstan  57:28  5 Foxes
Bronze  Viskup Peter               Slovakia    67:07  5 Foxes

Gyorgy Nagy (27th)                 USA        120:32  5 Foxes 
Csaba Tiszttarto (40th)            USA        125:56  3 Foxes
John Loflin                        USA     (equipment failure)

-  -  -  -  -

Old Timers (54 in category)

Gold      Janos Orosi              Hungary     57:43  4 foxes
Solver    Konstantin Zelensky      Russia      61:36  4 foxes
Bronze    Fursa Oleg               Ukraine     61:50  4 foxes

Marvin Johnson (42nd)           USA           129:45  3 Foxes 
Bob Frey       (53rd)           USA (overrun) 145:00  2 Foxes
Dick Arnett    (54th)           USA (overrun) 156:00  1 Fox

-  -  -  -  -

Junior (42 in category)

Gold      Vana Petr                Czech       65:31  4 foxes
Silver    Konstantin Kulikov       Russia      66:05  4 foxes
Bronze    Ladan Vladimir           Moldavia    71:17  4 foxes

Jay Thompson   (31st)              USA        128:49  2 foxes

-  -  -  -  -

Women (43 in category)

Gold     Omova Michaela            Czech       62:16  4 foxes
Solver   Luo Chunyan               China       62:17  4 foxes
Bronze   Oksana Shutkowskaia       Russia      63:46  4 foxes

Karla Leach  (42nd)           USA (overrun)   195:00  2 foxes

-  -  -  -  -

Veterans (33 in category)

Gold    Jozsef Cserhati            Hungary     74:48  4 Foxes
Silver  Nikolay Semenov            Russia      82:39  4 foxes
Bronze  Christensen, Arne D.        Norway      90:13  4 foxes

Bob Cooley (9th)                   USA        109:23  4 Foxes
Harley Leach (31st)                USA (overrun)  

Final Eighty-meter Results (140 minute time limit)

Senior (55 in category)

Gold    Fucik Karel             Czech          59:41  5 foxes
Silver  Voracek Michal          Czech          63:27  5 foxes
Bronze  Zsolt Cserpak           Hungary        67:24  5 foxes

Gyorgy Nagy  (14th)             USA            84:04  5 foxes
Csaba Tiszttarto  (34th)        USA           131:23  4 foxes
John Loflin (38th)              USA            97:56  3 foxes

Team USA 11th of 17 teams

-  -  -  -  -

Oldtimer ( 54 in category)

Gold    Konstantin Zelensky     Russia         54:38  4 foxes
Silver  Tchermen Gouliev        Russia         62:17  4 foxes
Bronze  Alexander Kulikov       Russia         65:33  4 foxes

Robert Frey (41st)              USA            89:59  2 Foxes
Dick Arnett  (43rd)             USA           116:49  2 Foxes
Marvin Johnston (47th)          USA           132:24  2 Foxes

Team USA 16th of 16 teams

-  -  -  -  -

Junior  (42 in category)

Gold    Krcal Jaroslav          Czech          55:22  4 foxes
Silver  Oleg Jirov              Russia         61:49  4 foxes
Bronze  Vana Petr               Czech          69:56  4 foxes

Jay Thompson  (33rd)            USA            84:14  2 foxes

-  -  -  -  -

Women  (43 in category)

Gold    Lou  Chunyan            China          67:02  4 Foxes
Silver  Omova Michaela          Czech          70:02  4 foxes
Bronze  Yang Chunxian           China          75:11  4 foxes
Karla Leach   (41st)            USA           102:48  0 foxes

-  -  -  -  -

Veteran (33 in category)

Gold    Josef Tuttman           Germany        67:37  4 foxes
Silver  Vladimir Kirgetov       Russia         74:00  4 foxes
Bronze  Nikolay Semenov         ussia          75:08  4 foxes

Harley Leach  (19th)            USA           120.16  3 Foxes
Robert Coley (28th)             USA           131:45  2 foxes

Team USA 9th of 11 teams

Korean photos

The two images above are from a collection of 75 photos of the Championships by Lee Namkyu HL1DK of Korea. The left photo shows Marvin Johnston KE6HTS after crossing the finish line. The right photo shows (L-R) Bryan Ackerly VK3YNG (of Team Australia), Marvin Johnston KE6HTS and Bob Frey WA6EZV on tour at the Gardening Exhibition of Jiangsu.

Congratulations to all Team USA members. Special recognition goes to Bob Cooley KF6VSE, who finished in the top ten of the Veterans Division on two meters, and to Gyuri Nagy KF6YKN, who competed in the Senior division on 80 meters and nearly made the top quarter, even though he was qualified by age for the Old Timer division. Read in-depth reports with participant narratives and more photos in 73 Magazine  for January 2001 and QST Magazine  for May 2001.

Many thanks to Sam Smith N4MAP, Terry Hudson KT9V, Dean Dods KD6I and others who put on 5-fox practice sessions for Team USA members. If you would like to help train our team for future events, contact the undersigned.

Joe Moell KØOV
USA ARDF Coordinator

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