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of the 2005 USA and IARU-R2 ARDF Championships

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At the opening meeting on Tuesday morning, Scott Stevenson KC5VVB briefed everyone on contest start line procedures and also on tour buses for the free day on Thursday.

Carbo-loading during Tuesday lunchtime in the UNM cafeteria.

After Tuesday lunch, it was time to test 2m and 80m RDF sets on the campus lawn.

Three competitors checking their gear: Jay Hennigan WB6RDV of Santa Barbara, CA, Scot Barth KA6UDZ of Covina, CA and Mike Cegelski K8EHP of Cleveland, OH.

IARU Region 2 ARDF Coordinator Dale Hunt WB6BYU shows American two meter RDF gear to the visitors from Kazakhstan, Alexandr Kochergin UN7JR and his wife Natalya. Looking on is event co-chair Jerry Boyd WB8WFK.

Jay Hennigan WB6RDV alights from the bus at the two-meter hunt site on Wednesday morning.

There were no restrooms at the two-meter start location, so the bus made a pit stop at the finish area along the way. Everyone took advantage of that.

Ruby Allen KC5NZS verified the SportIdent tag numbers of all competitors as they arrived at the starting area.

Two-meter start group #2 prepares maps and map boards about ten minutes before setting out.

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