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Before the 2m awards dinner on Friday evening, April checks the knee injury of Jay Thomas W6JAY.

Carbo-loading at the generous lasagna and salad buffet. The cake was great, too!

Dale Hunt WB6BYU took home a bronze medal for 2m in M50.

Dick Arnett WB4SUV with his 2m M60 silver medal.

Harley Leach KI6XF won bronze in M60 on 2m.

Ten minutes before their 80m hunt starting times, competitors get their maps and may tape them to a map board if they wish. A table is provided, but Jerry Boyd WB8WFK preferred to work on the ground.

Jim George N3BB and Larry Hammel K5OT were two of the local volunteers who helped make the start and finish go smoothly.

Jay Thomson W6JAY studies the 80m hunt area map before his start.

Bill Smathers KG6HXX heads out the 80m corridor, followed by Harley Leach KI7XF. Note that competitors in a group do not start simultaneously because each must punch in the starting e-punch station. Each is individually timed, start to finish.

Randy Friesenhahn KA5IIA awaits his 80m start with map in hand. He built his own ferrite rod antenna set, protected in PVC pipe.

Dick Arnett WB4SUV will use a Ukrainian ARDF set when he starts in a minute or so.

Michael Bayern W2CVZ tapes down his 80m map. He is using a Russian Altai ARDF set.

Jay Hennigan WB6RDV, Bob Cooley KF6VSE and Matthew Robbins AA9YH at the 80m start. Each has competed at least once at the World ARDF Championships.

The 80m starting sequence is almost completed. Jen Harker W5JEN is getting ready to blow her whistle for the last time.

Photos and captions Copyright © 2008 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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