Sprint Event

Friday, June 1, 2012

Part of sprint map
Sprint competitors received this map with start at the Desert View picnic area (at top and finish in Burnt Rancheria campground.  Circles that show approximate tranmsitter locations were not on the competitors' maps.  The first five transmitters (31-35) were on 3510 KHz and second five (41-45) were on 3579 KHz.

The sprint event took place on Friday afternoon with ten 80-meter transmitters to find.  In accordance with the new ARDF Sprint rules, there were two groups of five transmitters, each transmitting for 12 seconds in a rotating one-minute cycle.  Bright orange registration punches were attached to each transmitter in plain sight.  There were no orienteering flags at the transmitters.  Maps of the venue were provided.  Competitors were not categorized; each was expected to find all foxes. Competitors started at one-minute intervals from the Desert View picnic area as Fox #1 on 3510 KHz came on the air.  After finding the five foxes on 3510 in any order, competitors punched in at a midpoint control that was transmitting "MO" continuously on 3547 KHz from the Burnt Rancheria campground.  Then they set out to find the second set of five transmitters on 3579 KHz in any order.  After that, they hastened to the campsite finish line.

Here are the results:

          NAME           TIME   FOXES
     Vadim Afonkin       32:50   10
     Nicolai Mejevoi     45:40   10
     Lori Huberman     1:00:40   10
     Alla Mezhevaya    1:03:20   10
     Matthew Robbins   1:06:15   10
     Bob Cooley        1:06:35   10
     Joseph Huberman   1:10:45   10
     Mike Schuh        1:10:55   10
     Brad Weyers       1:15:30   10
     Dick Arnett       1:26:40   10
     Ken Harker        1:38:05   10
     Ruth Bromer       1:58:15   10
     Dean Dods         1:04:12    9
     Chris Sanders     1:40:08    9
     Harley Leach        40:00    5
     Marji Garrett     1:03:45    3
     Brian DeYoung       56:50    2

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