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As has been the tradition since the First IARU Region 2 ARDF Championships in 1999, Ardee Fox presided over the festivities.

Laurie Searle KG4FDM took time out from her duties as Meet Director to play her Autoharp during the practice sessions on Friday.

Sam Smith N4MAP set the ARDF courses and watched over the starting line.

After walking about 1.2 km up the road, competitors arrived at the 2m starting area early on Saturday morning. Their ARDF sets, which had been impounded upon arrival, were waiting on an orange tarp.

It appeared that no 2m RDF sets were completely alike. Many had yagis made of steel tape and PVC pipe, an active attenuator, and a VHF handi-talkie.

GAOC automated the starting process by building a timer into the PA system so that beeps could be heard at the starting table and at the end of the corridor.

Seven of the competitors confidently await the start of the 2m event.

Competitors had to watch their steps as they headed up the starting corridor. The fire ants in this mound might have made their hunt quite unpleasant.

Charlie Siler KO4NO was a blur of motion as he raced from the 2m start.

Two competitors head up the starting corridor as the morning sun breaks through the clouds.

Above photos Copyright © 2002 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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