Photos of the 2014 USA ARDF Championships

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One of the first to finish is Alla Mezhevaya. 

Finishing in the lead in M60 category is Joseph Huberman K5JGH. 

Leszek Lechowicz NI1L finishes the course as his wife watches. 

At the scoring table, a computer monitor shows the standings in real time.  Competitor names in green are still on the course.

Valeri Gueorguiev of Canada made a good showing. 

Arriving at the finish are Gloria Keawe KE6MQO and Bob Ravenstein W1FDR. 

Matthew Robbins AA9YH punches in. 

Here comes Yuri Kolesnikov with map attached to his arm. 

Patrick Sears AK4JE crosses the finish line. 

After the 80-meter event, Vadim Afonkin K1BRLI prepares to issue all the classic event awards with help from his two daughters. 

Winners in the two-meter M21 category were Grant Van Skiver VE7GVS (silver) and Addison Bosley KJ4VCV (gold). 

These medalists in the two-meter M35 category are Jen Harker W5JEN (bronze) and Natalia Bondarenko (silver).  Not pictured is Alla Mezhevaya (gold).

Harald Dettling DC1GB (bronze), Evgeniy Vorsin (silver) and Leszek Lechowicz NI1L (gold) were winners on 80 meters in M40 category. 

Winning in M50 on 80 meters were Valeri Gueorguiev (bronze) and Klaus-Dieter Jurtz DM1KD (gold).  Not pictured is Nicolai Mejevoi (silver).

In M60 on 80 meters, the winners were Dick Arnett WB4SUV (silver), Bill Noyce AB1AV (bronze) and Joseph Huberman K5JGH (gold). 

The championships are over and organizer Vadim Afonkin KB1RLI is still standing tall.  At right in the photo is Marvin Johnston KE6HTS, who helped organize the starts and took all these photos.

Trinity Church in Boston
After the championships, there was lots to see and visit in the Boston area, including the Richardsonian Romanesque architecture of Trinity Church, which overlooks Copley Square.  It was completed in 1877.

All photos on this page (except the very last one) are by Marvin Johnston KE6HTS.

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