Photos of the 2017 USA and IARU-R2 ARDF Championships

by Joe Moell KØOV

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Vadim Afonkin KB6RLI leads a group from the foxoring start.

Xidong Li, coach of the Chinese youth, followed by Yongshan Huang.

Yanru Deng.

Wenyu Fu.

Yu Liao followed by Bill Wright WB6CMD and Ewen Templeton VK3OW.

Chuner Wang followed by Kelly Sears and Jen Harker W5JEN.

Eduard Nasybulin followed by Yupeng Li.

Weijie Zhou followed by Bob Cooley KF6VSE.

Dahong Zhao followed by Zhehao Cheng.

Richard Metcalf AG1B.

Heiqun Qi followed by Jenelle Templeton VK3FJTE.

Punching in at the foxoring finish is Bob Cooley KF6VSE.

Jenny Wang.

Zhanpeng Zhang.

Xuechong Xin.

Amy Wang.

Sentao Xie.

Zirui Mao.

After the foxoring, an 80m and a 2m transmitter went on the air a short distance from the finish gathering.  This "model event" gave everyone a chance to test equipment in preparation for the upcoming classic competitions.

Saturday was the the two-meter classic competition in the southern portion of Miami Whitewater Forest park.  Here is the view from the starting line out into the forest.

Photos and captions Copyright © 2017 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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