Internet RDF Mailing Lists

By subscribing to Internet mailing lists (also called reflectors, groups and forums) for your favorite RDF-related topics, you can keep in touch with the activities of other RDF enthusiasts and discuss topics of mutual interest with them. When any list member sends (posts) a message to the list, all subscribers automatically receive the message and can respond either to the sender or the entire list.

Southern California ARDF List

This list is for announcements and results of on-foot and international-style (IARU) radio-orienteering events in southern California, from Santa Barbara to the Mexican Border. It is used to coordinate future events, publish the results, and make plans for attendance at upcoming championships.

To subscribe, send e-mail to The subject line and text are ignored. All new memberships must be approved by the Moderator, to avoid spammers.

Other Regional Lists

There are mailing lists at Yahoo Groups for local RDF activities (mobile and on-foot) in other places, including:

       Locality        Group Name
  Albuquerque         abqardf (foot hunts only)
  Albuquerque         abqthunt (mobile hunts only)
  Eastern Colorado    RDF_Colorado
  San Francisco Bay   sfbayt-hunts
  Long Island         LITHARC
  Michigan            MichiganFoxHunter
  Washington state    nwrdf
  North Carolina      piedmonttrackers

To find them, go to and search using the group name above.

There are also lists for RDF enthusiasts at Google Groups, including these:

       Locality        Group Name
  Los Angeles area    thunter
  San Diego area      sdthunt

To find them, go to and search.

USA National ARDF List

This list is for discussion of all topics related to international-rules on-foot hunts throughout the USA, including equipment and events. It is a good place to discuss upcoming radio-orienteering activities, including the next USA ARDF Championships. It is NOT for discussion of mobile transmitter hunts. The list is administered by Ken Harker WM5R.

To subscribe, go to and follow the instructions.

Foxhunt List

Foxhunt List is a long-time mailing list for RDF topics sponsored by Al Waller K3TKJ. The list has about 500 subscribers and covers RDF activities all over North America, both in vehicles and on foot (but mostly in vehicles).

To subscribe, go to go to, click on "FoxHunt" to bring up that list page and follow the directions for subscribing.


This list coordinates the activities of volunteer monitors in studies of the Burrowing Owl, Saw-whet Owl, Indiana Bat and other endangered creatures. Tag-heard reports and other late-breaking news items are disseminated there, along with updated equipment information. To join, send e-mail to The subject line and text are ignored. All new memberships must be approved by the Moderator, to avoid spammers.


RDF enthusiasts who wish to experiment with linking and networking of direction finding sites using the Automatic Packet Reporting System programs for PC, Windows and Macintosh may wish to subscribe to the APRSSIG list. To subscribe, send a message to with the following on the first line of the body:

     subscribe aprssig

To post to the list, send your message to

Be advised that this is a very active list, averaging about 30 messages per day. Only a small fraction of the messages pertain to RDF networking.

Please check the address carefully before you send a list message. Never send subscribe/unsubscribe requests to the posting address! To be sure that you do not miss replies, do not post to the list until your subscription is acknowledged.

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