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CQ February 2023 Homing In, CQ Magazine, February 2023 -- "Results of the 25th CQ Worldwide Foxhunting Weekend"

Mt. Gambier

Mobile T-hunters are lined up for Event 2 at the Australian Foxhunting Championships at Mt. Gambier in June.  The events take place on several bands, so each vehicle has multiple RDF antennas.  Read more about 2022 transmitter hunting around the world in Homing In for February 2023.  (Photo courtesy SERG)

CQ November 2022 Homing In, CQ Magazine, November 2022 -- "Foxhunting at the Championships in Bulgaria and a Youth Camp in Ohio"

YOTA foxhunt cheerleaders

The staff at the 2022 Youngsters On The Air camp in Ohio went all out to cheer on the foxhunters.  Learn more about the camp in Homing In for November 2022.  (Photo courtesy Neil Rapp WB9VPG)

CQ August 2022 CQ Magazine, August 2022 -- "National and World ARDF Contests and Training Opportunities."

Tony Levand AA9CC

Tony Levand AA9CC has been a long-time mobile T-hunter in the Chicago area.  He traveled to the Virginia for his first try at international-rules ARDF.  Read more about the 2022 USA ARDF Championships in Homing In for August 2022.  (Photo by Imre Polik KX4SO)

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