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CQ Feb 2019 Homing In, CQ Magazine, February 2019 -- "Tales of the 2018 CQ Worldwide Foxhunting Weekend"

Ski Country Foxhunt 2018

A beautiful day in the Rockies brought out this foxhunting group to the annual picnic of the Ski Country Amateur Radio Club. Their two-meter equipment ranged from the usual measuring tape yagis to log-periodic beams and Arrow satellite yagi.  Learn more about Foxhunting Weekend 2018 in Homing In for February 2019.  (Photo by Bob Cutter, KI0G)

CQ November 2018 CQ Magazine, November 2018 -- "Most Medals Ever for ARDF Team USA in Korea"

Vadim Afonkin KB1RLI

Vadim Afonkin KB1RLI runs to the finish line and USA's first individual gold medal in the 80-meter classic competition.  Read the complete story of ARDF Team USA's trip to Korea in the November 2018 issue of CQ Magazine.  (Photo by Lee Nam Kyu HL1DK)

CQ September 2018 Homing In, CQ Magazine, September 2018 -- "Champion Foxhunters Travel from Truckee to Sokcho"

Foxoring Map

Foxoring is the only ARDF event in which the approximate transmitter locations are pre-printed on the map.  Competitors use their orienteering skills to navigate to the area of the circles, where the QRP transmitters can then be heard and tracked.  This segment of the 2018 USA Championships foxoring map shows nine of the ten transmitter circles and the starting point, which is denoted by a triangle.  Read all about the championships in Homing In for September 2018. 

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