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CQ May 2022 Homing In, CQ Magazine, May 2022 -- "Foxhunting Pranks and Championship Opportunities"

Helical antenna

Gary Holoubek WB6GCT (pictured) assembled this 16-foot-long circularly polarized beam with 6 X 6 foot screen reflector in a wilderness park for a Fullerton Radio Club mobile T-hunt.  Read more about the clever ways that hiders fool T-hunters in Homing In for May 2022. 

CQ February 2022 Homing In, CQ Magazine, February 2022 -- "World Class Foxhunting in the Tar Heel State"

ARDF medalists

In lieu of medals, Imre Polik KX4SO, Ken Harker WM5R and Joe Burkhead KE8MKR are receiving commemorative coasters at the medal ceremony from organizers K5JGH and WB4QZG.  Learn more about the 2021 USA ARDF Championships in Homing In for February 2022.  (Photo by Mike Minium)

CQ November 2021 CQ Magazine, November 2021 -- "Rules for Foxhunting and a Recap of the 2021 CQ Worldwide Foxhunting Weekend"

K7CKE and Liam

Joe Perrigoue K7KCE and Liam are off to find the two-meter fox transmitters during the Foxhunting Weekend event at Hillcrest Park in Fullerton, California.  Read more about Foxhunting Weekend 2021 and the international rules for radio-orienteering in Homing In for November 2021.

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