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Marvin Johnson KE6HTS brought the software (courtesy of Los Angeles Orienteering Club) for electronic scoring. Here he is in the "Rent-A-Wreck" transport van printing out results of the 2m hunt.

Dick Arnett WB4SUV of Kentucky checks the compass attached to his 80m ARDF set as he prepares his map before the hunt.

Vadim Afonkin reviews the map before setting out on 80 meters.

Harley Leach KI7XF streaks up the starting corridor on the 80-meter hunt.

Bob Titterington G3ORY leaves the 80m starting line and turns on his receiver.

Emily DeYoung K4MLE speeds up the 80m starting corridor.

Eight finishers in the 80m ending corridor. Top row: Jay Hennigan WB6RDV (M50 bronze), Bob Cooley KF6VSE (M60 gold), George Neal KF6YKN (M40 gold) and Nick Roethe DF1FO (M50 silver). Bottom row: Jay Thompson W6JAY (M21 bronze), Emily DeYoung K4MLE (D19 gold), Matthew Robbins AA9YH (M40 silver) and Scott Moore KF6IKO.

The medal ceremony took place right after the 80m event. Here Vadim Afonkin receives gold in M21 on both bands from Charles Scharlau NZØI.

Robert Vickers G3ORI receives his silver medal for M60 category on 80 meters. He also won bronze in the 2m event.

Admiring their medals are Nick Roethe DF1FO (M50 2m gold and 80m silver) and Karla Leach KI7XF (D50 gold both bands).

Emily DeYoung K4MLE won gold in D19 on both bands.


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