Hamcon/Foxhunt-99 Photos

by Joe Moell KØOV


Foxhunters swarmed over Battery Farley-Osgood at old Fort MacArthur. Microtransmitters were out of sight in metalwork atop Battery Farley and in a display of ammunition cans in front of the museum at ground level.


Left: A micro-T was in this rucksack of this "soldier." Right: Glenn Allen KE6HPZ is about to find it.


Nobody figured out that there was a transmitter under the back seat of this roving jeep.


Telephoto shot from the museum showing hunters closing in on the ammo-can transmitter that was southwest of the Korean Bell.


Is it this one? One of my van's antennas is radiating, a little field-strength meter is a good way to check them all.


Dennis Schwendtner WB6OBB (left) and Marvin Johnston KE6HTS found the most foxes.

Cubex quad

Great setup, but I'll bet it gets heavier and heavier as the hunt goes on.


Vince W6ZKZ and Betsy KD6FID Vigus of Fullerton Radio Club served refreshments.

Above photos Copyright © 1999 Joseph D. Moell. All rights reserved.

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