Foxoring Event

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Part of foxoring map
Foxoring map.

Foxoring took place on Thursday afternoon as part of the training camp, with eight micro-power transmitters to find.  (The plan was for ten transmitters, but one did not operate properly. The site for another was crowded and Marvin was concerned about theft.)  In accordance with the new ARDF Foxoring rules, each competitor was given a map with a route of ten small circles.  Somewhere in the area of each circle (except #2 and #6) was a continuous CW transmitter on 3579 KHz that could be heard there, but not far outside the circle and definitely not inside any other circle.

Start and end points were in the same campsite at Laguna Campground.  Competitors set out two at a time at two-minute intervals to orienteer the course to each circle in order and to find the transmitters inside.  Competitors were not categorized; each was expected to find all foxes.  Bright orange registration punches were attached to each transmitter in plain sight.  There were no orienteering flags at the transmitters.

Here are the results. Everyone was able to find the punch for #2, even though it was not transmitting:

          NAME           TIME   FOXES
     Jay Hennigan        22:35    9
     Mike Schuh          29:41    9
     Joseph Huberman     29:59    9
     Matthew Robbins     31:45    9
     Scott Moore         31:55    9
     Ruth Bromer         36:55    9
     Bob Cooley          38:48    9
     Harley Leach        49:47    9
     Karla Leach         49:47    9

Joseph Huberman went around the course and found 8 foxes in 24:01.  He realized that he had missed #10 and went back to find it, giving him an overall time of 29:59.

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