On December 3rd, 2022 the Barstow Amateur Radio Club (WA6TST) will be conducting a training session for Direction Finding (aka 
DX, Fox Hunting or T-Hunting). The goal of this event is to equip, train and practice the fundamentals of Direction Finding 
interested including both licensed and unlicensed participants of all ages. There will be gear available for use for those who need 
it so all can enjoy the event. 

Please forward to others who may be interested in attending.

10:00am - Meet at a private residence in Yermo, CA. (Directions will be provided in RSVP response)
10:00am - Introduction to DF Basics.
10:30am - Tape Measure Antenna Beam Build.
12:00pm - Depart to Peggy Sue's for Pizza.
12:30pm - Conduct on-foot hunt at Peggy Sue's in the nearby area during lunch.
1:30pm - Briefing for mobile hunt at Peggy Sue's parking lot.
1:45pm - Determine the "Yermo Factor" enroute to Eddie World.
2:00pm - Mobile hunt starts from Eddie World parking lot.
4:00pm - Hunt concludes.

You are welcome to attend any portion of the event. Please RSVP by emailing Andy Jones AJ6WB at  jrsynthetics@gmail.com by 
11/25/22. Provide your name, number in attendance and note which part of the event you plan on attending. If you are interested 
in purchasing antenna build supplies at the event, please advise in RSVP. 

Please contact Andy Jones AJ6WB at jrsynthetics@gmail.com or call/text at 909-670-9328 cell with any questions.

Be sure to check our club's website for further details. https://wa6tst.club/

Training Rules
1. T-Hunt Freq 146.565
2. Open to all amateurs and unlicensed participants.
3. Before the hunt all participants must sign in and provide a cell phone number.
4. Fox must be heard at the starting point and located with-in the boundaries.
5. Fox is to be located in a public area accessible without fee by a two-wheel drive vehicle and visible with-in a short walk from vehicle.
Fox may be hidden on private property with public access with the owner's permission. The location must be accessible by a county maintained road.
6. Hunters may use any roadways which are legal for their vehicle to operate on. It is your responsibility to know where you are and if it is 
legal to be there.
7. All participants are to maintain a one-half mile distance from any remote military installation boundaries. Avoid getting close to areas as they 
do not like visitors.
8. All Vehicles must have a minimum of a driver and operator.
9. Carry a copy of your HAM license or proof of on your digital device in case you are stopped and questioned.

Mobile Hunt Boundaries
See map below
North - 15 Fwy
South - 40 Fwy
East - Harvard Road
West - Daggett-Yermo Road

1. Means of communications outside of a cell phone such as a mobile radio.
2. Arrive with a full tank.
3. Purchase from Ebay an attenuator such as "Fox Hunt Offset Attenuator ASSEMBLED" or "NEW 0 - 82DB VARIABLE/ STEP ATTENUATOR 50 OHM for Ham Radio 
Transmitter etc-USA"
4. Have a third passenger to navigate for safety purposes while driving.
5. Teamwork is encouraged among participants. Have a plan!
6. Since we are located in a rural community, driving on unimproved roads is highly possible. Drive at your own risk.

What to bring
1. A dual band HT with a quality receiver and a signal meter. Baofeng HT will work but they do not perform well for direction finding. Look for 
dual band HT from a reputable brand such as Yaesu and Icom. Yaesu just released a new Yaesu FT-65R HT which is a great performer based on experience.
2. Doppler and other DF equipment. 
3. Implements to write with such as a clipboard, pencil, straight edge and a printout of the map for the area.
4. GPS or Compass. Most phones can simply download an app such as GPS Status to use a phone for this function.
5. There are several DF apps available for both Apple and Android such as Sig Trax. They can eliminate the paper and pencil method of drawing lines.
6. Good footwear, no sandals.
7. A hat and sunglasses.
8. Bring plenty of drinking water and snacks. First aid kit.
9. Money for lunch.
10. Smartphone or tablet.

Antenna Build Parts (parts can be provided for a nominal cost $30 to $40 depending on supplier and final design)

Note: 3/4" or 1/2" schedule 40 PCV can be used based on preference. 
1. (1) 24" 1/2" PCV pipe
2. (1) 1/2" PCV Tee
3. (2) 1/2" PCV Cross
4. 10' of 1" wide tape measure
5. (2) 3/4"-1-1/4" hose clamps.
6. (1) 5" match wire
7. (1) 6' coax with connector matching radio.
8. (4) Button head screws

Here is a link to a build video for a similar antenna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmHoQrDfw-0

Barstow hunt boundaries

By Andy Jones AJ6WB